Return Policy – Total Durable

Please read through the following policies carefully.

All disputes must be opened through Total Durable. Otherwise, your account may be permanently blocked.

Total Durable offers a dispute resolution within 72 hours. To expedite the process, please provide the following information:

  1. Photos or videos of the flawed item to prove damage.
  2. If photos cannot prove the deficiency, please provide videos.

Products need to be returned to our distribution partner if our Dispute Team requests it via email or phone.

China Warehouse Products

Total Durable will offer a refund, resend, or accept the return for any of the following cases:

  1. Orders Not Received
    • Total Durable will not process a refund or resend if the tracking information shows the order is delivered.
    • The following circumstances are not refundable:
      • Incorrect/insufficient address.
      • No such number.
      • Recipient unknown.
      • Refused.
      • Not picked up in time.
      • No safe delivery location.
      • Uncleared customs.
      • Others.


  1. When orders arrive at the destination country, the delivery will be handled by local distributors. If your order is not successfully delivered, Total Durable may help to contact and get information, while the final solution is determined by the local distributor.
  2. The local distributor will deliver 1-3 times according to the actual situation. If it is still unclaimed during the delivery period, it will be returned to the local post office for storage for 3-7 days. Meanwhile, you need to pick up the package. Otherwise, the product will be returned to the sender, our logistics company. During the return, Total Durable takes no responsibility if products have been lost.
  1. Products Damaged
    • Total Durable offers a full refund or a replacement if products are badly damaged upon arrival.
    • Total Durable offers a partial refund if products are partially damaged and malfunctioning upon arrival.


  1. Products with slight wrinkles or small scratches are not included in partial damage terms.
  2. For damaged products, please send us the pictures of the tracking label, damaged package, and damaged products within 7 business days of delivery. If any of the pictures are missing, we will not accept the refund request.
  3. Incorrect or Missing Products
    • Total Durable has a strict quality control process before products are dispatched. We will handle incorrect or missing products as follows:
      • For incorrect products, Total Durable offers a full refund or replacement.
      • For products with the wrong color or size that affects product function, Total Durable offers a refund or resend if you provide a screenshot and details of the product.
      • For parts missing that don’t affect product function, Total Durable may refund partially or resend the missing part; for parts missing that affect product function, Total Durable will resend the product.
      • For accessories, Total Durable will resend the accessories.


  1. For size issues, Total Durable will appreciate it if you can measure the product according to the correct measurement method and provide us with a photo of the measurement. Then, our dispute team will handle your disputes quickly.
  2. Order Cancellation
    • For order cancellations, Total Durable offers a full refund before orders are confirmed and start processing.


  1. Once an order is confirmed and starts processing, all occurred shipping fees will be charged if you cancel the order. This may include the shipping fee from the factory to our distribution partner warehouse, from our distribution partner warehouse to you, and also the way back. The detailed figure is counted by the weight of the product, please contact us for more information.
  2. Once an order is fulfilled, no refund will be accepted for order cancellation.
  3. Orders Delayed
    • Order delayed refers to orders that are lacking tracking information and orders in transit, pending, or expired for over 40 days from the date the order departed from our distribution partner warehouse. However, the following countries and shipping methods may be different:
      • For orders shipped to the USA, it is after 60 days from the date the order departed from our distribution partner warehouse.
      • For orders shipped by sea, it will be counted 100 days after departing from our distribution partner warehouse.


  1. For the missing or latency of tracking information of orders, Total Durable will assist with requesting updates from logistics providers but will not take any responsibility.

Total Durable will NOT offer a refund, resend, or accept the return for any of the following cases:

  1. Deadline of Orders
    • You cannot open a dispute if the order status is closed; the order close date is usually around 45 days.
    • Your dispute cannot be resolved when your order is closed and tracking information from a third party is untraceable.
  2. Limit of Returns
    • Please return products within 10 days of receiving them.
    • Total Durable will NOT take any responsibility for the damage or loss of the product that happened on its way to return.
  3. Unacceptable Disputes
    • Total Durable shall not accept any unreasonable disputes, including but not limited to:
      • The buyer does not like it.
      • Products smell unusual.
      • The buyer ordered the wrong items or SKU.
      • The shipping address was incorrect.
      • Tracking information deleted by logistics companies or local post offices.
      • Orders marked as delivered, while the consumer claims not receiving. Total Durable may provide contact with the local delivery for consumer complaints.
      • Processing time extension due to supplier out of stock, quality inspection failure, or shipping latency from supplier to our distribution partner warehouse.
  4. Force Majeure
    • Total Durable takes no responsibility for any product damage or shipping delay caused by acts of God, including but not limited to: epidemic situations, international situations, strikes, wars, earthquakes, floods, viruses, storms, heavy snow, or customs inspections.
    • However, Total Durable will notify you via Email.
  5. Copyright Infringement
    • All customers shall clearly identify copyright-infringing products and DO NOT include them in your orders.
    • We refuse any products that infringe copyrights. If the shipping package contains infringing products, which lead to customs detention, we will not accept any refund or compensation for the loss of the package. If there is any customs penalty led by this case, the users shall bear it and we will request it from the violator.
    • Total Durable retains any rights to take further action.
  6. Electronic Products
    • Total Durable ensures that all electronic products undergo a thorough quality check prior to being shipped. However, due to the delicate and intricate nature of electronic products, we cannot guarantee their functionality after long-distance shipping. In the event that an electronic product is received and found to be non-functional, we regret to inform you that we do not offer refunds. However, we do provide the option to exchange the defective product for a new one upon its return to us. It is important to note that any shipping fees associated with exchanging products shall be the responsibility of the dispute submitter.

Total Durable may have to modify your shipping fee under the following cases:

  1. Remote Area
    • Some addresses may not be reached by our shipping supplier, and Total Durable will have to adjust to another valid method. If this will lead to a modification of the shipping fee, compensation shall be charged accordingly. If there is no shipping supplier applicable, we may have to cancel your order. Our customer service assistant will contact you under such circumstances, please pay attention.


  1. Some products are for domestic customers and cannot be shipped via international couriers. Please contact us for large size, overweight, liquid, powder, and electronic-related products BEFORE placing an order on our website. Total Durable retains all rights to cancel your order if it cannot be shipped.
  2. Oversized or Low-Density Products
    • Products of overlength like umbrellas, or low density like pillows and fluffy toys can be charged an additional shipping fee by international couriers, especially when purchased in large quantities. If this happens, our customer service assistant will contact you under such circumstances, please pay attention.
  3. VAT
    • Generally, VAT is included in the product cost. However, several countries may charge additional VAT upon shipping. If this happens, our customer service assistant will contact you under such circumstances, please pay attention.

US Warehouse Products

  1. Unshipped Items Refund Policy
    • Once an order is confirmed, cancellation is only accepted BEFORE items are shipped. A 5%-30% restocking fee will be charged.
  2. Shipped Items Return Policy
    • Refund will not be accepted when items are shipped. For quality or other issues, the Buyer can request a return or reshipment within 7 days after the end customer has received the item. The reshipment fee will be borne by the Buyer.

Warranty Policy

  1. Beginning from the date of delivery, purchased products include a 3-month warranty. In the event of manufacturing defects, the Buyer can request a refund, partial reshipment, or full reshipment within the warranty period.


  1. The warranty policy does not apply to the following situations:
    • Damage resulting from negligence, abuse, normal wear and tear, or natural disasters and accidents, including but not limited to burns, cuts, tears, abrasions, scratches, watermarks, indentation, or pet damage.
    • Damage resulting from unauthorized modifications, except with written approval from the Seller.
    • Products with their own individual warranty policy.

Please contact us for the return address.

Total Durable will always try our best to offer the best service. If you have any other questions, please feel free to contact us.

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